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High Praise for Karolina’s Twins from Chicago Tribune

And so here it is, a heart-wrenching but ultimately triumphant story of a woman named Lena Woodward, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor, who asks Catherine and Liam to track down her childhood friend’s twin daughters, who had been lost while being transported to a concentration camp. Again, the historical details are compelling, if harrowing, and the pace brisk. The characters are memorable, as are the themes of friendship, courage and pain.



It’s Pub Day in Italy

Saving Sophie was released today in Italy and I’ll be joining her soon.   Garzanti Libri has arranged for several signings and interviews.  June 10 in Viterbo at the Festiva Caffeina and on to Milano June 12-14.  It’s a tough grind but I’ll just have to take the laboring oar and see it through.  To borrow a phrase from my favorite doctor, “Oh the places you’ll go.”  Caio



After Hours With Rick Kogan on WGN Radio

Recently, I had the privilege to appear on Rick Kogan’s enormously popular radio program.  We talked about writing, we talked about Poland and we talked about Chicago.  Here is a link to the podcast (our interview is #5)



Book Expo America – Books of Poland – 57th Street Books – May 11th

11224086_249727215375868_1817204381316789615_oDon’t miss this fascinating conversation between Agata Tuszynska, one of Poland’s most admired writers and historians, as she discusses her acclaimed new memoir, Family History of Fear, a wrenching journey in search of memory and identity with Ron Balson, a Chicago litigator, adjunct professor, and author of several novels about World War II including Saving Sophie, Once We Were Brothers, and the forthcoming Karolina’s Twins. They will be joined by author and award-winning journalist Greg Archer, whose latest book, Grace Revealed: A Memoir, chronicles his Polish family’s odyssey surviving Stalin’s wrath during the 1940s. Together they will discuss the memories of a painful chapter still present today and the journey ordinary families in Poland must confront as they come to terms with the the past. Book signing to follow. Participants: Agata Tuszynska, Ron Balson, and Greg Archer. Free and Open to the Public. Books on sale from 57th Street Books.